Skeem Design

Skeem Design

Colorful, trend-based, scented candles in reusable silk-screened jars


Graphic designer Geoff Weiser and former retail buyer, Suji Meswani, are the co-owners of Skeem Candles. Prior to launching the Skeem brand in 2004, this Philadelphia based husband and wife team, did more than a year of research and development to perfect the wax formulation, develop the scents and colors and, of course, create the candles themselves. The name “Skeem”? Well, it is a play on words and the company is named after the couple’s “scheme” to break free from the corporate world. The rich, colorful designs and unique long-lasting scents are inspired by their vast travels which include three to four annual trips to exotic locales such as, India, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

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